About the Author

I have great difficulty summing up who I am. That is one of the reasons I started this website, to talk about the different areas of current interest in my life and how they influence each other.

A bit of background: My childhood was spent in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and central Africa - Zambia, Kenya, and South Africa. I spent the bulk of my 20s in the United States Army and National Guard with deployments to Bosnia and Iraq. Professionally I have worked as a customer service agent, a cashier, an intelligence collector, an intelligence analyst, a receptionist, a case manager for recovering addicts, and a JavaScript developer.

All this really shows is that I have been a few places and done a few things. They make up part of the context of who I am, but are by no means "who I am".

I have been called an iconoclast, a heretic, and a subversive influence - calling on my audience - whoever I am talking to at the time - to think outside of their acculturation. I learn systems so I can find ways of making them better. I teach others about those systems and encourage them to also make the system better.

I am constantly asking "How can I make this better?", both for me and the world at large. I believe that each person on this planet as the moral obligation of leaving this place better than we arrived. And this website is where I am posting my discoveries and thoughts on those matters.