...code that you cannot trust is code that you do not understand. The reverse is also true; code that you don’t understand is code you can’t trust.

Kyle Simpson, Functional-Light JavaScript

Not Another Hello World (NAHW)

One of the biggest blockers for me moving from a beginner JavaScript developer to a more intermediate developer has been the lack of more advanced examples. There are an abundance of "hello wold" examples out there, but not much in the way of more advanced examples. (Really, who makes an API call only to print it to the console.)

So I am introducing a new tag - NAHW - to my website for more advanced examples. For me, part of the learning experience is turning around and teaching/sharing my new knowledge with someone else. My hope is that someone else can use what I learned to improve their JavaScript as well.

Note: The name of this tag is a nod to the movie "Sideways", where the Miles character rants about having to drink merlot. Here is the clip.

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