Why Raglan

I prefer to work raglan sweater patterns over any other sleeved sweater pattern.


  1. I do not like sewing seams, so the top down, seamless nature of many raglan patterns appeals to me.
  2. I can try it on as I go.
  3. I can easily adjust the length. (I have a propensity toward long sweaters.)
  4. The sleeve increases lend themselves to easy embellishment.


Unfortunately, most patterns I try to follow do not turn out right. The upper body is not long enough. The sleeves are too tight. The neck is too big or too small. You get my drift. I take my measurements, make a swatch, do all the things to make it right, but I end up with something I do not like.

I have also have gotten to the point where, on the crochet side of things, I want to use more unique stitches then most patterns have.


So, I am on a quest to make a raglan sweater recipe that I can use, regardless of the yarn, the needle or hook, or the stitch. The first phase is looking for resources around the subject. I have already found a couple of great blog articles.

This article from knittingfool.com talks about the percentages of the different parts of the sweater. The article also has a calculator at the bottom for knitting projects.

This article from mandobug.com talks about adjustments to patterns for a better fit.


I haven't decided if I want to start with crochet or knitting as my first foray into a patter. I have visions of a ballet neckline, Brioche stitch knitted pull over using a two color design from Nancy Merchant. I would also like to make a summer weight crochet lace cardigan, stitch undecided.

I will keep you informed.

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